Friday, 1 October 2010


My problem, their problem, disability, stupidity, incompetence, Ballsian Delusion, or not a problem?

I want to see the equalities act

I click on the gov page that google finds which says Equalities Act

Wait what it this it is not the equalities act

It is a lot of random funny coloured tiny tiny words.

Is it really the equalities act and I am mistaken in what I was expecting?

Am I not looking properly and so seeing what is not there?

Am I seeing more than actually is there?

I need to look more closely.

To be honest it doesn’t make much sense and there doesn’t seem to be a link labelled the Equalities Act

Wait a minute, peer closer

Code of practice

That sound familiar, is it a useful tool, or did it turn out to be full of bullshit no one but the naive and honest expected any one to take any notice anyway?

Oh well, nothing to lose I’ll click on the link

Wait a minute that isn’t a document

Have I done something wrong, did I click the wrong link?

I usually do, so it is the best fit explanation

I will go back and click the link again and check

No it is the same place, look at it more closely

Hmmm Codes not code

That might be why, I wonder how many codes an act can have?

I would never have considered it might have more than one.

Ok is everything on this page a code of practice?

Let’s look again.

Ok it is looking like I may have no idea what a code of practice is!

Ah may be I both make things more complicated that they are and expect them to be simpler than they are.

I expect them to be what they say they are.

But is this a code of practice?

it is on the code of practice page but it doesn’t feel like it could be a code of practice.

Need a couple of hours nap, back later!                                Zonk!!!! 


Elaine said...

I am intrigued I will go looky :)

Elaine said...

Not sure there actually is one, read this

Maire said...

Think it is new out this month. Learnt about it when checking regs for unis,

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