Sunday, 17 October 2010

My Bambi

My Bambi, originally uploaded by maire52.
Wrong blog don't care, this is mine, Barclays hurry up with the transfer, I want it now!

Here she is.

And here she is home.


Elaine said...

Oh wow! I wish I had one :)

R said...

oooh me too! Do sooty and sweep come included ? ;-)

Maire said...

colourful one is a very frightened man, says wants part ex but wouldn't consider my spacewagon and didn't reply with reg no.

I suspect this on is stolen, see my feedback

This one belongs to a wimpy moron with an intelligent wife, he wimped out of a promise to let me see and buy it because someone else was coming to view, still on ebay.

This one I haven't investigated because it is in Scotland

Some very helpful people on here

We could start our own home ed cell.

Hi Raquel, this may be the answer to secret meetings, oooops, now we will have Bedford Bambi hellicopter sweeps!

Maire said...

Sooty and sweep, maybe that is code for Beth and Maire, hmmm..........

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