Saturday, 20 October 2007

How not to spend Thursday evening

Beth fell off the sofa on Monday night and has been complaining of a headache and of feeling awful ever since. On Thursday I took her to the walk in centre as she still had the headache and was still feeling grotty. There a rather arrogant SENIOR (his emphasis) male nurse told us she was perfectly well and although theoretically we should see a doctor for a head injury he was pretty sure there was no good reason to. He did examine her carefully and seemed experienced but was not at all open to questioning or explaining which left me feeling more troubled than before.

So we left suitably chastened and the moment she walked through the front door she vomited. Put her to bed but on the third episode of vomiting thought I ought to read the card he had given me and one of the things that you should see a doctor for was persistent vomiting. So ring NHS direct and am told to go to the A and E, what else can they say!

So off we went to Leicester at about 7.00 pm, B and me and Beth and a sick bowl. Wait hours and hours. Eventually we see a doctor, have another thorough exam, we need to see a PSA??? After another long wait suggestions are made of observation leaving me panicking at the thought of being stuck in hospital. Eventually the doctor manages to speak to the Registrar (is that the same as a PSA?) and says Beth seems quite well and that they only worry about vomiting in first 12 to 24 hours so can go home. Why do they say to see a doctor on the card then! We walk out of the building and into another and Beth vomits again.

We went home anyway and got back at midnight thoroughly exhausted. I suppost we are glad that she hasn't got concussion but what a waste of time!

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