Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Happy Birthday to me

I reached the grand old age of 55 today and for about the next six weeks will be two years older than Bruce, a fact he delights in. It has been strange being over 50 really and I don't think most of us think it will ever happen to us, I certainly don't feel my age though I do remember a time when I had two babies and a teenager when I felt more like 90.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Bruce. Even though we are in debt because of a new kitchen, the purchase of the lens used to take this and of course having four kids, Bruce bought me this wonderful lens to capture the once in a lifetime event of my eldest daughters wedding. It made such a difference to the shots I could get and is still making a great difference to my enjoyment of photography. Also thanks to my sister Nuala for the loan of a nikon speedlight which allowed me to capture the evening as well, this is next on my wishlist, I loved it!!

And here is some more of my birthday booty. Thanks Siobhan, Beth and I love the shower gel and the chocolates, I have restricted her to 1 capfull though and one chocolate. lol Thanks again Bruce I love the cd, (Joni Mitchell, Shine, short but sweet and a return to her old style) And thanks Jo and Nick for the beautiful shell and necklace, they have kept me occupied for most of the day and congratulations on getting them here on time all the way from New Zealand and despite the postal strike. Thanks Mum for the money in my account, Amazon here I come. And thank you Hilary and Conal for the beautiful lily, what a wonderful surprise to get such a huge box delivered to my door.

Thank you to Will for a lovely painting of dragons (my request).

I spent most of the day taking and processing photographs, totally overfocusing and loving it. Sorry kids for the total neglect. Here are some of the results.

These shells handpicked from a beach in New Zealand, came in the parcel from Jo and Nick.

And my flower do look beautiful.

And because Jo wasn't here to cook my traditional birthday meal (don't feel guilty I am really glad that you are where you are as you know) I was taken out for a meal. It took us a while to decide where to eat. I wanted indian but it makes Jamie ill, then I wanted Mexican but Will doesn't like that. Surprisingly I turned down Beth's suggestion of pizza and we ended up in a Thai restaurant, by this time the kids were a bit grumpy but the great food soon cheered them up.

And home for a glass (or two) of sparkling chardonay and a gorgeous piece of brownie cake made by Will and Beth.

All in all a very satisfactory day!

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Anonymous said...

Good to know you had a good day.

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