Saturday, 20 October 2007

A walk in Bluebell woods

At the beginning of October Beth and I took a walk in bluebell woods. This is owned by Loughborough University and open to the public.

It is one of Beth's favourite places and is exeptionally pretty at this time of year and in spring when it is a mass of bluebells.

Beth especially loves this tree which has been blown down at some time and created a number of extra trunks vertical to it's original one.

Beth is still standing on the original trunk of this tree

Beth took this photo of me, I was a bit cross with her at the time and I think it shows!

Great fun was had climbing and jumping

We found the homes of rabbits, foxes, badgers or maybe pixies and faeries

And bowers

It was a really lovely day with the leaves just beginning to turn.

I am afraid this is a bit simple and I would love to add links such as one to the woods but it is taking ages to load pictures and I am just going to have to learn bit by bit how to do this.

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